We invite you on a journey into the Amazon . Our host is the maestro Javier Arevalo Shahuano , born in 1968 in the Shipibo community of Nuevo Progreso , Rio Napo , in the Loretno , located in the north of Peru in amazon pool . Javier comes from a family with four generations curanderoa ( the person whose life is dedicated exclusively to the treatment spiritual and energetic , as well as mental and physical illness ) . It is also called Buddha who has a smile on his face , an curandero, specializing ayahuasquero and perfumer. Today he has a center ” Spiritual Dimensions “, located in the Peruvian part of the Amazon , in the jungle , about thirty kilometers from the city of Iquitos. Gathering of group is in Iquitos.

The legacy of shamanism can act as a stabilizing force that can redirect our consciousness to the collective fate of the biosphere . Shamans believe that humanity has allies . Some of us want to help with their force in our struggle to develop into one intelligent species.”

Journal “Svjetlost” (Light), Teledisk, Croatia

Why take part in the ceremony ? Nobody better explained then the legendary Terence McKenna : ” The hallucinogens plant are sources of the oldest religions, and still these days are bright and vivid choice , just as refreshing as it has always been . Shamanism is alive and real encounters between individuals due to the challenge and wonders , with ecstasy and enthusiasm triggered by the hallucinogenic plants .”