Cres is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea. It is home to picturesque coastal towns and villages with their Venetian heritage buildings, and to beautiful bays and beaches with crystal clear water. As if this were not enough, the landscape boasts dramatic cliffs with panoramic views of the surrounding sea and marvelous ancient oak forests hiding ancient ruins, sculptures to the Gods and mysterious labyrinths for you to discover. Soaring high in the sky you might even catch a glimpse of a protected Griffon vulture or an eagle, and in the woods you could catch sight of a white deer.

This scarcely populated, dramatic and beautiful landscape is the ideal location for an inspirational and reflective getaway. We have prepared a program of workshops and activities that utilizes the islands unique and beautiful environment as a backdrop and aid to an experiential journey beyond senses and into nature.


The Journey

Day 1 Theme Taste “ Mosaic of Love” – Beli In the afternoon we will meet to bond as a group and to create the energetic field that we will work in. After introductions and a short talk by the organisers we will commence our journey by spending a time in silent meditation. We will set our intentions for what we wish to achieve from the journey that we will take through our senses. We recommend fasting on this day if possible as this will sharpen the senses. Mosaic of Love.

Day 2 Theme Smell, “Simplicity”- Martiniscica / Osor – The day begins with a morning visit to an essential oil distillery in Martiniscica. Here, oils are extracted from locally grown herbs and plants. The owner of the distillery who is passionate about this will guide us through the production process and then each person will intuitively identify oil that resonates with them. We will then participate in a workshop experiencing how essential oils can alter one’s perception of reality. This will be followed by a traditional lunch in a restaurant on the beach with time to enjoy a swim in the sea. Later in the afternoon we will visit the port town of Osor and do some exploring on our own. There is a little bridge here that connects the Island of Cres to the island Lošinj.

Day 3 Theme Sight “ Colours of Life ‘ – Beli The day will begin with an experiential workshop of drawing. We will be a shown a special technique of fractal drawing through which we will discover the power of colors and how to use them to aid and enhance our every day life. We will learn how to find inspiration and unleash our creativity. No previous art training is necessary as the workshop will be skillfully facilitated by Mihovil leading us to release our inner creativity. There will be plenty of visual inspiration from the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape with its vibrant colours, beautiful vegetation and potential sightings of wildlife. Workshop “Colours of life”.

Day 4. Theme Touch “ Entering the Labyrinth “ Beli Along with our guide, we will spend the day exploring and soaking up the energy of the ancient oak forest of Tramuntana. We will encounter magical trees, ancient village ruins, stone sculptures and read verses carved into stone. We will walk the mysterious Labyrinths here and contemplate our journey surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of beautiful nature. We can hug trees, touch and feel the energy from the stones of ancient ruins and feel the presence of the forest’s visible and invisible inhabitants This should prove to be an energizing, invigorating and inspirational day with plenty of free time in the afternoon to swim, explore on our own or to simply rest.

Day 5 Theme Sound “ Magnetic Moment” Beli Facilitated by Kristina we will be working in pairs and using our voices to explore the effects of sound on our bodies. Using a technique devised by the Breatharian Victor Truviano we will create a neutral magnetic moment to neutralize the energy charge in the body and in so doing clear old blockages. Then we will make our way to the beach to listen to the sea and so continue to experience the healing process of sound on our bodies. Magnetic Moment.

Day 6 Theme Intuition Excursions to Lubenice, Valun, Cres We will visit three very different but beautiful settlements on the island including the capital town of Cres also called Cres. We will enjoy the abundant scenery of the natural landscape as we travel between these locations. On top of a cliff in the beautiful, sleepy stone town of Lubenice we will enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and the vastness of the beautiful bay below. Then on to the romantic fishing village of Valun sandwiched between two beaches with crystal clear water before finally arriving at the capital Cres. There is much to see of historical interest and beauty and we will wander through the narrow streets with time enough for a swim.

Day 7 Theme “Freedom” ,“Seventh Sense – Beli Most of this day will be spent wandering through the surrounding landscapes bringing all of our senses into play. As a culmination of the previous day’s experiences all the senses should now be refined to enable us to be aware and fully present in our bodies. Immersed in the beauty of the island as experienced through our senses we will discover the “Freedom” that total awareness of the senses brings into our bodies and our lives.

Day 8 Breakfast. And a final gathering to say goodbye before checking out of the bed and breakfast and returning home.