Today cycling, along with walking and running, presents the most popular form of recreation. This activity is entertaining, dynamic and adapts well to all ages and physical abilities. Cycling is a sport that can fill us with both adrenaline and tranquility, depending on our performance. You can do cycling at all our locations while enjoying the beauties of the landscape. Combine the holiday with cycling if you want to experience the benefits of physical activities. Choose from several types of cycling – from mountain, to the road and to the adrenaline rush of the BMX.


Cres – The island of Cres is the gem of the Adriatic sea; still a bit wild, not explored enough, and to a large extent unknown. Apart from the Island of Krk, it is the second biggest island of the Adriatic. Despite being an island, the typical trees of the northern parts are oak, chestnut and cherry. There are many olive groves, sage plants and approximately 1400 other species of plants. The Ecological centre Caput insulae is the shelter for the griffon vultures and it has saved them from extinction. Cres is the nesting place for the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), European honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus) and the nightingale.Cres offers more than one might expect. It will surprise you with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Cres offers possibilities for new physical, spiritual and cognitive forms of experience and awareness. This is an ideal place for a new dimension of holidays.


Biking on the island is a wonderful experience. Every tour brings a combination of demanding training and relaxing pedalling in a Mediterranean surrounding. We recommend the following routes

Tramuntana Forest: medium difficulty for experienced cyclists. It covers the following stops: Beli-Tramuntana Forest – Beli; 30 km

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Price per person: KN 120

Tour: The Jewels of the island of Cres:: Demanding route through various villages which tell their own stories about Cres. It covers various points: Beli – town of Cres – Lubenice – Valun – Cres: total 30 km.

  • Duration: 7-8 hours
  • Price per person: KN180

Istria – you simply cannot remain indifferent once you have seen Istria. Its fascinating landscapes, medieval towns which surge in the foggy mornings as if by magic, views on the dormant valleys, intertwined with white footpaths, tales, fables, legends, a rich history and irresistalbe delicacies are all a guarantee of intense pleasure for all senses. Istria offers a wide range of activities which provide you with many possibilities and combinations for your holidays. The countryside with its history and the green areas gives an opportunity for many sports, adrenaline and other nature activities, while the coastline and its romantic cities, with its scent of the sea and rich gastronomy offer a real summer holiday experience


In the area of Rovinj there are three marked biking trails adapted for amateur bikers, and they draw attention because of numerous cultural and natural attractions, which can be encountered along the way.

1. Vistrum trail – all paths are circular and marked with different colours. The starting point of each trail is marked in red and is 23 kilometers long. The start is at the entrance to the Zlatni Rt, Golden Cape forest park .

2. Limes trail – a trail marked in blue, 26 km long. It starts at the tourist village Amarin.

3. Rubinum trail – yellow trail, 24 km long, starts in the autocamp Polari.





Paklenica National Park – A protected area in which, on a relatively small area, can be found an abundance of geomorphologic phenomena, diverse flora and fauna, as well as attractive landscapes and intact nature. The most important phenomena of Paklenica are its forests and geomorphologic features. Besides the almost treeless southern part of Velebit, Paklenica has very diverse forest species. The most impressive are the canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica that cut deep into the mountain range of Velebit. In the national park there are several caves and caverns, of which the most famous and largest caves are the cave Manita above the canyon of Velika Paklenica and Jama Vodarica. Here you can really feel the power of nature and its grandeur. Various planned sports activities which are carried out in this area are under strict supervision and with high security measures. They leave a deep impact on people due to the pure energy of the mountain range and the forest – the primordial wilderness which one has to experience.

Biking in Paklenica National Park

Tour suggestion: biking trail Starigrad – Reljani – entrance to the Park

The 8 km long biking-trekking trail leads from the centre of Starigrad-Paklenica to the reception of Velika Paklenica, through the old villages, across Mala Paklenica to Seline. Educational path A short trip through the past forms part of this trail. It consists of five boards which describe the history of this area from the prehistoric times to the present.

  • Price:40 kn
  • Duration:6-8h

Risnjak National park – This park is the least visited one. The people who visit it are the true connoisseurs of beautiful natural locations. It is still widely unknown and thus provides a unique union with nature. It is located in the region of Gorski kotar and founded in 1953. The entrance to the Park is possible from different locations: from the main administrative building of the National Park in Bijela vodica (Crni Lug), from Gornje Jelenje across Vilje and from Platak. There are protected areas of abundant forests and the hydrogeological natural monument – the source of the river Kupa. Three beasts found their habitat here: the lynx (ris) – hence the name of the Risnjak National Park, the wolf and the brown bear.

Mountain biking in Risnjak National Park

Mountain biking in the National Park is an experience that awakes all your senses. The adrenaline, the fresh air and wonderful nature together with physical activity is a perfect combination that nurtures the body and the mind.

  • Price for bike rental (+helmet):
  • 3 hours –KN 30
  • 6 hours – KN 60
  • All day- KN 90

Northern Velebit National Park – This national park presents yet another jewel of untouched nature, beautiful countryside and varied geological sites. In 1999 it received the status of the protected area. Velebit is characterized by its primordial wilderness, the home of mother nature, a place where we show her respect as without her we don’t exist. The air we breathe is absorbed at once and fills us with a special strength and energy which unites us with our own selves. Northern Velebit National Park contains strictly protected nature reserve locations: Hajducki and Rozanski kukovi, Lukina jama – one of the deepest caves in the world (discovered in 1999), botanical reserve Visibaba with the endemic plant Croatian sibiraea, Borov vrh forest reserve, Zavizan- Balinovac – Velika kosa botanical reserve, and the well known Velebit botanical garden.

Biking in Northern Velebit National Park

We suggest the following routes:

  • a) Krasno – Babić Sića – Zavižan – Veliki Lom – Krasno (43 km)
  • b) Krasno – Babić Sića – Veliki Lom – Careva kuća – Veliki Lubenovac – Tudorevo – Alan – Mrkvište – Krasno (75 km)
  • c) Štirovača – Mrkvište – Alan – Tudorevo – Veliki Lubenovac – Štirovača (33 km)