The All-in-One Healing & Happiness Retreat

Dr. Frank Kinslow

World renowned bestseller author and creator of healing techniques, Dr. Frank Kinslow, once in a year is organizing a multi-day RETREAT, so far always in America, and this year for the first time in Europe, in Dubrovnik

  • If you want healing and happiness at one point and in one place, then you’ve found them!
  • If you are struggling with health problems or are wondering how to get more out of life then this revolutionary event is for YOU!

The Kinslow System is like a gold coin with two sides. One side is health and healing and the other happiness and success. Usually taught as two separate systems, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, in a single event, you get both!

What you will learn:

  • KS Body Scan to balance your body-mind connection
  • Make QE Healing Water & QE Cotton
  • Eudreaming for mental, emotional and hormonal health
  • KS Eye Movement Technique to eliminate stress and worry
  • And…so, so much more!

Join us along with others of like mind and heart in gorgeous Dubrovnik, Croatia where we have reserved a special seat of discovery and wonder just for you.

Don’t you want greater health, happiness and success?

Then don’t let this incredible one-of-a-kind celebration pass you by.

Dubrovnik, 1. –  5. May 2019.