Would you like to smell the freshness of the ploughed land, listen to the birdsong at dawn, see the dew on the freshly mown grass whilst you walk barefoot and touch nature with your whole being? If you do, Hrvatsko zagorje can offer all this to you. Holiday on the fields of Zagorje, the hills and pastures that are intertwined with the experience of the old, slow way of life. It is nature-oriented, the contact with the animals which you care about and feed, and the cultivation of plants. Hrvatsko Zagorje is situated in the central part of Croatia, among Invanscica, Kalnicko gorje and Medvednica and the rivers Sava and Sutla. This adds to its relief variety and offers many possibilities for various activities in the open air like walking, biking tours, riding in nature, grape harvesting, blackberry and mushroom picking etc. Zagorje is well known for its rich gastronomic offer which can be tasted in many taverns, restaurants where autochthon, homemade food is prepared as e.g. the turkey of Zagorje, kukuruzna zlevka (cake) and other delicacies. Enliven your taste buds by coming to Hrvatsko Zagorje.


Castles – It is still widely unknown that Hrvatsko Zagorje is an area with the most concentration of castles in the world. Here, on an area of only 1234 square kilometres there are around 50 castles, manors and fortified castles (castles, medieval towns and castles). To visit them is to have a magical experience of going back in time.

Trakoscan castle – the best known and the most visited, and surely the most attractive castle of Hrvatsko Zagorje. From 1568 the castle was owned by the count Draskovic for three centuries. He was said to be the most well-known nobleman from feudal times. The castle represents a perfect harmony between nature and architecture. It is a bit secluded, situated on a hilltop, with a park forest and is ranked as the first category cultural and natural monument. Situated near the castle is the lake of Trakoscani which was made in the middle of 19th century. It has some wonderful romantic paths by the lake.

Bezanec castle – after many years of neglect, and after being used for various purposes which ruined it even more, it was finally restored in 1990 and today it represents a luxurious hotel dedicated to elite tourism. The castle contains a collection of precious artwork and has a wonderful natural surrounding with its 1911 maple tree alley, 90 m long. Horse riding presents a special experience. There is also a legend which tells about a haunted castle where there is a ghost of a lady that meets the married couple and eternalizes their happiness by a magical spell of eternal love. To respect the good ghost of love magic, in Bezanec there is a tradition of drinking nobleman’s honey brandy in a hollow old linden tree next to the castle from a special glass for two. The tradition of drinking brandy is closely linked with the honeymoon.

Tabor – the best kept mediaeval fortress in the whole of Croatia. It was restored in 2011. It consists of a museum with ethnographic, geological, paleontological and anthropological collection and a war arsenal as well as old cars which date back to 19th century. It is very interesting for its legend about the tragic love of Veronika Desinicke (whose skull is kept in the castle) and the nobleman Frederik Celjski.


Have you’ve ever wished to wear an armour, draw out a sword, or release the arrow, or if you have ever dreamed of dancing, or bowing gracefully; if you’ve ever remembered the blacksmiths’ anvil or the heat of the boiling pot with food, if you have dreamed of castles and conquers then you wished to have an experience of the Middle Ages. We have prepared workshops where you will learn and try the skills of fencing, archery, dancing and cooking. And all this in a medieval knight camp whilst being dressed in clothes of that time. Each workshop lasts one hour and consists of 15 minutes of theory and 45 minutes of practice. This is followed by a 15-minute break with refreshments after which you move on to the next workshop. At the end of the day there is a competition in fencing (with protection and a wooden sword) and in archery. Each participant receives a certificate of participation. At the end of the event two animators demonstrate armored joust with various weapons: long swords, sword and shield, sticks, spears.