Speleology forms a set of activities whose main objective is the exploration of caves, caverns, chasms, and other underground karst phenomena. Croatia is rich in karst that has a specific relief with special properties and characteristics resulting from a particular geological composition of rock. This is why there are lots of locations for carrying out such activities. Research and the “walk” in the pits and caves are sometimes said to be underground alpinism due to its complexity. Caving offers a special dimension to your holiday. It is a combination of adrenaline that keeps us awake and ready on the one hand, and on the other hand provides us with trnaquility and an inexplicable feeling of excitement caused by the unknown space. Pits vary, depending on location and are adapted to the needs and abitilies of the visitors.


Cres – The island of Cres is the gem of the Adriatic sea; still a bit wild, not explored enough, and to a large extent unknown. Apart from the Island of Krk, it is the second biggest island of the Adriatic. Despite being an island, the typical trees of the northern parts are oak, chestnut and cherry. There are many olive groves, sage plants and approximately 1400 other species of plants. The Ecological centre Caput insulae is the shelter for the griffon vultures and it has saved them from extinction. Cres is the nesting place for the golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), European honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus) and the nightingale.Cres offers more than one might expect. It will surprise you with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Cres offers possibilities for new physical, spiritual and cognitive forms of experience and awareness. This is an ideal place for a new dimension of holidays.

The Blue Cave on Cres

The turquoise pearls of the Island of Cres – the Blue Cave – Valun –beach Lubenice – An unforgettable all day boat tour includes the visit to the Blue cave where there is a possibility of free-diving. On the way back we stop on the beach of the well known place Lubenice. The beach is ranked 8th of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world. After swimming and sunbathing in Lubenice, follows the visit to Valun, the typical small fishing village with two beautiful coves. The trip includes lunch on the boat consisting of: fried fish, salad and a drink.

  • Price per person: KN 250
  • It includes the boat trip, free-diving equipment, lunch and a drink.

Adventure to the Blue cave on a pirate ship – Among the natural beauties and wonders of the island of Cres, the blue cave is a unique phenomenon which won’t leave you indifferent. Turquoise light illuminates the big and the small caves when the rays of sun get through the underwater passage which is linked to one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. We go along the shoreline of the island and pass the thousand year old dry wall – gromac, olive groves, spring water oasis, beautiful islet with a light house, and are very often in the company of dolphins. You will have a unique view on the 4000- year-old Lubenice village situated on a cliff top at 383 metres above the sea. The ship sails at 9:30 a.m. from the harbour of the town of Cres and starts with panoramic sightseeing, visit to the beach, fish feeding, and lunch on the ship at 1p.m. Lunch is followed by sunbathing and swimming until 3:30 p.m., when we return. The arrival to the harbour is planned for 5:30 p.m.

  • Price for adults: KN 220 + KN50 additional payment for lunch
  • Price for children from 5 to 10 years of age: KN 95 + KN 50 for lunch (Children up to 5 years of age go free of charge.)
  • Price includes: ship tour, visit to the Blue Cave, welcome drink + beverage (wine, lemonade and water) for the duration of the trip.

Istria you simply cannot remain indifferent once you have seen Istria. Its fascinating landscapes, medieval towns which surge in the foggy mornings as if by magic, views on the dormant valleys, intertwined with white footpaths, tales, fables, legends, a rich history and irresistalbe delicacies are all a guarantee of intense pleasure for all senses. Istria offers a wide range of activities which provide you with many possibilities and combinations for your holidays. The countryside with its history and the green areas gives an opportunity for many sports, adrenaline and other nature activities, while the coastline and its romantic cities, with its scent of the sea and rich gastronomy offer a real summer holiday experience…

The Mramornica cave near Groznjan

The Mramornica cave – Mramornica is one of the biggest caves in Istria and it represents a true jewel of the Istrian underground. It is rich in speleothems which can reach an altitude up to 13 metres and add a touch of magic to the overall atmosphere. Mramornica is first mentioned in 1770, when it was visited by the famous traveller and naturist Alberto Fortis. From the well adapted footpaths in the caves there is a view on the inaccessible parts of the cave, which, with their veil of secrecy, become even more attractive. For all nature lovers who want to escape the summer hectic and the heat Mramornica becomes an ideal refreshment in many ways.

  • ticket price: KN50 for adults, and KN25 children

Cave Pazin

Cave Pazin – a few hundred metres beneath the largest and best preserved medieval castle in Istria, the largest Istrian karst river Pazinčica disappears into the crater. It is the most striking example of karst evolution in Istria and the surrounding area. The biggest Istrian abyss Pazincica found its way through the underground to the valley of the river Rasa, and perhaps all the way to the Lim canal, as is described in the book Mathias Sandorf written by the legendary Jules Verne. In the beautiful surroundings of the Pazin cave there is a well-kept educational footpath, 1.3 kms long. The walk begins on the bridge Vrsic, not far from Kastel, and it leads us through the astonishing canyon to the shores of Pazincica. The winding path then ascends to the belvedere Piramida and afterwards to the terrace of the Hotel Lovac with wonderful panoramic views. The sightseeing is not guided, and thus various multi-lingual information boards can be found along the footpath, which have explanation on the karst, plant life, legends, research, and brave explorers.

  • price of the ticket: adults KN30, children KN15

Adventure caving – Cave Pazin

Unforgettable experience of real caving adventure for the beginners and the advanced. It starts with an introduction to the equipment necessary for this caving activity, instructions on the walking techniques and possible obstacles along the way and how to overcome them. It is followed by an easy descent (the equivalent of the medium difficulty walking) down the well-kept footpaths to the canyon of the riverbed of Pazincica. The path leads through the canyon to the entrance to the cave. The underground part of the path, 200 metres long, ends with an underground lake 80 metres long. The total altitude difference of the covered path is 100 metres. Inside the cave there is a zip line which takes to the banks of the underground lake. After visiting the underground site, the same path leads back to the entrance.

  • for the adventure caving you need extra clothing and strong sportswear
  • duration of visit: 3-3.5 hours
  • price per person: KN 160
  • the price includes 2 expert speloeologist guides, helmets and lights
  • minimal number of people: 3

Baredine cave

Baredine cave is a protected geomorphic natural site. It is situated near the village Nova Vas, on the outskirts of Porec. The visit to the cave brings you an experience of the mysterious play of nature which has lasted for thousands of years and is far away from the light and the human eye. This cave holds an abundant exemplary of stalagmites and stalactites, underground sculptures made by the patient, centuries long labour of the underground water. You can find stunning speleothem formations, from which the most prominent are ten metre long curtains, a very realistic “sculpture” of the Virgin Mary, the body of the shepherdess Milka, the tower of Pisa, and a snowman which has become the trademark of this cave. The cave’s depth below the surface is at 132 metres, together with the underground lakes, whose depth reaches up to 30 metres. The air temperature in the cave is of 14 degrees Celsius. In one of the halls you pass by a 4 metre large and 66 metres deep crater that leads to the lakes. Such a site is present in 5 halls, and is then followed by the next 5 halls with abstract and realistic sculptures. The tour through the cave takes approximately 40 minutes of leisurely walk along the 300-metre- long footpath. The special treat of this adventure is the encounter with the underground animal world – the olm, an endemic animal which lives in these karst areas.

  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Price: KN 60

Romuald’s cave in Lim canal

Romuald’s cave – is situated in the Lim canal on the southern slope of the hill of St. Martin. Named after St Romuald a hermit who, according to the legend, lived there. When Romuald of Ravenna came to our region, at the turn of the millennium, he had already been known for his miracles and clairvoyance. From 1001 till 1002 Romuald, the former member of the Benedictine order and later founder of the Camaldolese order, built an abbey in the Monastery above the Lim canal. After its completion, he decided to dedicate himself to the life of a recluse and thus left in 1002 for the nearby cave above the seashore of the Lim canal. The uniqueness of Romuald’s cave is the decoration inside the cave which can be found only on the left side, while the right side is bare. The temperature inside the cave is between 14 and 17 degrees Celsius. There were also found bones from the Pleistocene Age, and evidence that humans lived there in the late Stone Age. Now, there lives a large colony of bats.

  • Ticket price: KN 30 for adults; KN 15 – children up to 15 years of age.