If you’ve ever wished to wear an armor, draw out a sword, or release the arrow, or if you have ever dreamed of dancing, or bowing gracefully; if you’ve ever remembered the blacksmiths’ anvil or the heat of the boiling pot with food, if you have dreamed of castles and conquers then you wished to have an experience of the Middle Ages.

We have prepared workshops where you will learn and try the skills of fencing, archery, dancing and cooking. And all this in a medieval knight camp whilst being dressed in clothes of that time.

Each workshop lasts one hour and consists of 15 minutes of theory and 45 minutes of practice. This is followed by a 15-minute break with refreshments after which you move on to the next workshop.

At the end of the day there is a competition in fencing (with protection and a wooden sword) and in archery. Each participant receives a certificate of participation. At the end of the event two animators demonstrate armoured joust with various weapons: long swords, sword and shield, sticks.

Theory – types and uses of swords, types and use of armour and clothing, parts of the sword

Practice – basic positions and strikes, the basics of defence and controlled sparring

Theory – the history of archery, types of archery and of bows, parts of the bow

Practice – aiming and releasing the arrow from different distances

Theory – about games and dances in the Middle Ages

Practical – learning a simple dance accompanied by music, competition in quiots game, competition in tug o’ war

kuhinja The Middle Ages cooking workshop

Theory – about cooking in the Middle Ages: the most important dishes and cookbooks, seasoning

Practical – preparing a meal in 45 min – according to the original recipes, each preparing a separate dish which then all share together