Each season has it’s own magic, ignoring it, we induce stress. Winter magic means silence, longer sleep and getting closer to each other by the fireplace and warm drinks. It’s time of the wise and calm. Comes wintering, the wisdom of the Earth and the wisdom of People blend together. It is a journey, a project of awakening both the old and the new potentials within us. Dance, embroidery, painting with natural colors like henna, walking along the geomantic spots, working with masters of of old crafts. Living history in the contemporary way. Intelligence, networking and opening up.


We leave for an experience of a forgotten and almost intact part of Croatia, a calm and stress-free area. Listening to the Earth s own story. This mountain region is often covered with snow, but snow is not to take for granted. Cozy mountain lodges, good food, making pottery, storytelling, meditations, bodypainting, some hiking … The contrast between winter in the mountain and by the sea is exciting, so we planned a 1 day excursion to Opatija and it’s riviera , a line of beautifull coastal villages and further to the smallest city in the world, Hum.


ยจ”A man needs the Earth’s spritual qualities so that, by respecting it’s sacred lands, he can do the same to fellow creatures. Ancient people were grateful to the Earth for letting them work with it’s essence””